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CHANGE! a NEW & FRESH look...

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I love change.

You know, like when the breeze starts to carry a little chill with it as it crosses your arm through the window – it’s the sign – yes, the seasons are changing. Fall is coming. Oh! Fall, I love Fall. Fall means pumpkin spice lattes, cozy blankets, backyard fires, crunchy leaves, flannel shirts, jeans, boots, and must I go on?! Sad to see the good things of summer go, BUT... Change in seasons brings something new to enjoy.

Change is happening in my family too. We moved 37 minutes south this summer. Our life looks totally different than it has for the past 4.5 years. Sad to leave the good things – but, to discover all the new!

A new neighborhood – yay!

New parks – so fun!

New friends – bring it!

With change come hope and newness and a fresh start for everybody.

Well, you might notice here on, there is a whole lot of change going on. Like, whoa … stop it right there, is this the right website?

What happened?

Why does it look different?

What is going on?

Why all the change?!

For those of you who love change – yay! You’re good at this, you know it, you love it, you put your arms around change like a great big hug. You will totally love discovering all that is new on our brand new website platform. It's pretty, user-friendly, and super easy to navigate and shop all the goodness.

For those of you who are mad that I keep going on about change being so good – I apologize. I give you an interweb hug. But, please don't fret! All that was good on the other website is STILL HERE! 3seams is still doing great things in Cambodia and Nepal. Lives are being changed, products are being developed, good stuff is happening. Like, really GOOD stuff. We're in this together, and I promise it will all be good.

And besides, we thought a new look would be just the thing to showcase how our organization is growing - becoming it's own lovely display of art and good things to share with the world. 

Please take a look around – discover something new, gift some of your favorites, and enjoy as the new things continue to unfold in this fresh new look at

Together, we are doing a lotta good in the world by what we do, how we spend our hard-earned cash, and the relationships we nurture along the way. Thanks for welcoming the change and enjoying the journey together!

Peace and hugs to everyone,


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