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International Women's Day!

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SHE lives in a nation that stands for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


SHE lives in a country where there are many examples of strong, determined and empowered women all around her that are being celebrated.

SHE is thankful for the growing discussion about women in leadership currently happening.

It is a great time to be sharing space with so many other women who are open to learning, growing and expanding their knowledge in all areas of their lives.

SHE is thankful to be apart of a nation that values women and encourages them to pursue their dreams.

So many strong women came before her!

The opportunities and privileges that she has available to her in her everyday life are because strong women fought to be heard.

SHE believes moms all over the United States care deeply for each other and for our sisterhood around the globe.

They have more in common than what divides us.

SHE is constantly trying to challenge the status quo of “that’s how things work here".

SHE struggles often with having so much wealth in the United States.

SHE hopes to remind people that even one small change can empower women around the world and make changes that can affect many other people in the process.

It is really hard for her to wrap her mind around the privilege she has been given, the access to resources, and the many support structures in place simply because she lives in the United States.

Her desire is to be a woman that would honor the legacy of American women across history who fought and sometimes died for the rights that she most days takes for granted.

SHE takes every opportunity that comes her way and makes the most of it!

Being a woman in the United States right now garners a great sense of responsibility and connection to the woman across the globe and the sisterhood that they all share.

SHE does not take that lightly.

SHE is a go-getter.

SHE is bold.

SHE is fierce.



SHE lives in a nation that shines with vibrant colors, hospitality, and culture.


SHE loves coming from a country where women are loving, caring, humble and rich in hospitality.  The senior female member once played a commanding role within the family by controlling resources, making crucial planting and harvesting decisions, and determining the expenses and budget allocations.

SHE now lives in a nation where women’s lives remain centered on their traditional roles – taking care of most household chores, fetching water and animal fodder, and doing farm work.

SHE lives where just now the government has come to realize that women of Nepal should be more prioritized.

SHE believes the hardest thing about being a woman in Nepal is the domestic violence, discrimination, and inequality they face.

Malnutrition and poverty hit women the hardest as women usually work harder and longer than the men but get 25% fewer wages.

SHE lives in a culture where social and religious patterns repeatedly enforce the low social status of women.

Despite the introduction of several rules, regulations, plans, and policies to increase the literacy rate, women still have a low percentage of those who are literate.

SHE believes balanced society is possible only by giving equal status and role to all people.

To achieve this, education is a must.

SHE wants to see other Nepali girls gain an education.

Girls must learn how to be independent.

Providing women with the opportunities for education, job training, and basic services to ease household responsibilities are ways to empower the young women.

SHE believes when women become more knowledgeable and acquire skills, they can accomplish a great deal.

SHE is gentle.

SHE is a fighter.

SHE is independent.



SHE lives in a nation that is community driven, making a comeback from their past, and reaching for a future full of hope!

SHE lives in a country where women hold the values of being gentle and respectful high.

They seek to live every day in a manner that is kind.

SHE is apart of a society that does not see the value in women getting an education.

However, her parents thought differently and gave her the opportunity to study and be apart of the workforce.

SHE works hard and pushes past the barriers- wanting to have the same rights as her brother.

It’s dangerous for her though; she does not dare to go out at night in fear of something bad happening.

Her parents try to keep her from higher education and work, as she gets older; they fear she will get hurt.

SHE boasts proudly of finding a husband that is not violent but is kind and loving, supporting her and her desire to have equal rights.

In a culture where traditionally women are perceived as soft-minded and physically weak, she is determined to live a life of abundance, and not tied down.

SHE is proud to be a woman; her mother and grandmother are strong, and she looks up to them.

SHE was empowered by her mother and given responsibilities.

“Go after your dreams,” she says. “Be bold and confident in what you want to do.”

SHE is determined to live where she encourages other women to earn their own money and be actively apart of society.

SHE is vibrant.

SHE is courageous.

SHE is strong.


written by Skylar Swope

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