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the boho twist ... aka "Cow Rope"

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When working in the world of fashion, no matter how big or small the company is, it's always a challenge to come up with "knock it out of the park" design ideas. 

What’s even more challenging is designing an idea that you will be able to teach and communicate through a language barrier. 

After a day in the village with the women, Inga and Deedra needed to come up with some sort of idea that could utilize the bags upon bags of scraps that were coming from our other pieces.

“I feel like I saw somewhere that you could make yarn out of fabric,” Inga tells Deedra as they get back to the hotel where the 3seams’s summer team was staying. “I’ll look it up on YouTube.” 

For the next 30 minutes Inga and Deedra tried to twist this “yarn” from the scraps they brought back from the village. The Internet was not very great, so you can only imagine how streaming a YouTube video played out (((no pun intended))), and then on top of that they just were not very great at the whole twisting tightly motion. 

Bopha had been sitting in the room with them, watching them struggle endlessly for those 30 minutes until all the sudden she piped up, “Can I try?” 

“Sure! Maybe you’ll be able to figure it out,” Inga chuckled and handed over some fabric. 

Bopha made a knot, wrapped it between her big toe and the one to follow, and began twisting. Within 10 minutes Bopha had 3 meters twisted perfectly. 

Deedra and Inga were speechless.

“Bopha, how do you know how to do that so well?” Inga asked. 

“Oh, all Cambodian women know how to do this. It’s how we make the rope to lead our cows,” she tells the room. 

This was a huge game changer for 3seams. Not only was it going to be a super easy thing to teach the women, but also it was going to be something that they all would be able to do. 

While at that moment Inga and Deedra had no idea what they were going to use this “yarn” for, they soon figured it out when one of the photographers on the trip said, “You could totally wear this in your hair as a headband.” 

Imagine how that went over when explaining it to the women. While they used the method to twist anything they can find together and lead their cows, we Americans are putting it in our hair.

This piece has radically made an impact on 3seams, not just through being our best seller, but also through being able to keep women involved in our program. 

This may surprise you, but just like not everyone can scrape unwanted cells from a brain, not everyone can sew a bag together, or even a straight line for a headband. A couple of the women are even afraid of the sewing machine. You can only imagine the dilemma this brings as 3seams is trying to give job training to those who need a job… turning people in need of a job away is just not something that 3seams wants to do. 

'the boho twist', or “Cow Rope”, is the perfect product for these types of situations. It provides an opportunity that doesn't require a sewing machine and still provides a job... allowing them to provide for their families, and send their children to school. 

By purchasing “The Cow Rope,” you are making a world of difference in the lives of the Cambodian women who work for 3seams. You’re helping keep families together, find restoration through Christ, and send little ones to school.

Click here to purchase your very own COW ROPE!  

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