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Nestled on a small mountainside in Northwest Cambodia is a community that named themselves Camp51. Camp51 is a community of Cambodian military families struggling each and every day against the grips of poverty. Despite the fact that they are military families, they live well below the poverty line. The average military service person only makes $50 per month. This is not even close to enough for their families to survive. Many times families are separated in order to make enough money to make ends meet. Some seek employment across the nearby border to Thailand. Others venture to other parts of the country to send money home to their loved ones. Leaving their village out of desperation for employment puts these women at risk of being caught up in human trafficking. Our goal in this community is to provide jobs in order to keep these military families safe and together. 




Out of this community come two different groups of products!   90% of the women that walk through our doors have no sewing experience to speak of, yet they are ever so eager to learn.

The first collection to come out of Cambodia was 'freedom51'. The name… 'freedom51' came to us for a few reasons. Seeing that they live in a community named Camp51, we wanted to keep a piece of that location included in our first collection's name. FREEDOM seemed to be the perfect depiction of what we want to offer to these families. Freedom from hunger, freedom from disease, freedom from homelessness, freedom from slavery, freedom to obtain an education, and if they so choose, the opportunity to learn what freedom in Christ really means. Our 'freedom51' collection is comprised of products that our women are able to learn quickly and that teach them basic sewing skills that can be built upon later.  

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” Galations 5:1





 The second collection to come out of Camp51 is the RESTORE collection.  We are so proud of this collection because it truly demonstrates how hard these women have worked to refine their skills.  This collection not only demonstrates that growth, but also demonstrates their dedication to producing quality products for 3seams customers...YOU! the RESTORE collection is cozy, comfortable, and ridiculously fashionable.  We at 3seams pretty much live in this collection...we know you will love these pieces!

Together, these two collections make up the Cambodia collection!


History of Cambodia

In 1975, the Kingdom of Cambodia was overrun by the Khmer Rouge regime. The next four years of their history was full of terror and destruction that led to the killing if nearly 2 million Khmai people. The Khmer Rouge was determined to make the Kingdom of Cambodia an agrarian society…without any social institutions…totally and completely Communist. Their goal was to eliminate anybody or anything that would stand in their way…starting with all intellectuals, businessmen, those of religious views, and all foreigners. During those four years, the Khmai people were forced into work camps infested with disease. Death plagued the country as massacres occurred and mass graves were filled. 40 years later, the people of Cambodia are still desperately working to reclaim their lives. Once liberated from the Khmer Rouge by the Vietnamese, Cambodia was left ravaged and steeped in poverty.

The Khmai people are a resilient and strong people group. They continue to fight for survival each and every day. They are a hard-working people that will capture you with their smiles!

3seams, Incorporated is a 501c3 organization making all of your donations tax-deductible. Creating our work spaces and supplying them with the tools necessary for our artisans to succeed is only accomplished through the generosity of donors such as yourselves. Thank you for your consideration in being part of the 3seams journey! 

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