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3seams and YOU!

Are you someone who sees and hears about the hurting people of this world and your heart aches?  

Are you alarmed by how many people are affected by human trafficking?

Are you concerned with the modern day slavery happening within the fashion industry?

I know, it can be totally overwhelming to hear about all the pain and suffering in this world.  Where do you even begin? How do you make a dent in what is happening?  Can the little bit of time you have help?  Can the few ethically made purchases you make change anything?

YES!!  PEOPLE!  You can make a difference!  One step at a time; we can all work together to bring change!

I’ve learned that it doesn’t help to worry.  Instead, take that energy and time spent worrying and wondering how you can help, and just jump in and do something!

3seams makes it easy for you to bring change!  Through our mission, we are making a difference around the world one small step at a time.  And, WITH YOUR HELP, we can continue doing this and continue changing more and more lives.  You can be a part of saving someone from being trafficked!  You can be a part of saving someone from slavery!  You can provide a safe work environment for someone.  You can be a part of teaching someone a trade.  You can provide proper schooling for a child.  You can make a difference! YOU!!  

Whether you’re 5 or 95, busy or not busy, we want YOU to be a part of the 3seams journey!  There are so many ways that you can begin making a difference.

You can buy ethically made clothes and accessories by shopping here at!

You can spread the word about 3seams and encourage others to check it out!

You can host a fundraiser in your community or home!

You can donate!

You can volunteer!

Our product purchases go towards paying our artists in both Cambodia and Nepal which in turn allows them and their families to have a higher standard of living.  The product cost also covers the materials used as well as the shipping to the U.S.  Beyond that, we depend on fundraisers and donations to meet the rest of our needs which include: rental of facilities, machines, tools, furniture, on-site managers, tuition, in country fees, training, etc.  Our U.S. staff is small, so we depend on volunteers to help us package products, advertise, do accounting work, and anything else people are willing to help with.

Now! How can you fundraise for and with 3seams?!

We have some fun new ways that you can run a fundraiser! Not only are they great community building options, they’re also made to be super easy and hopefully very fun!


RUN3seams  The 3seams 5K is about as easy as it comes.  You sign up to be a Team Leader and receive everything needed to encourage your team of 9 other runners/walkers/bikers to each raise $100 by each asking 10 people to donate $10.  Then you find a time and place and participate in the 5k together!  As a team you will raise $1000!

The IMPACT Project  The 3seams Impact Project is a way for you or a group to raise money, not only for 3seams, but also for an organization, team, club, youth group...of your own. Using our most popular product, the headband, you will sell to neighbors, friends and family while keeping half or more of the profit to put towards your own fundraising efforts. Bundles of headbands are available in black or in a print variety.  This is a great option for mission trip fundraising, sports team fundraising, etc.  More info..
Sponsor a Sewing Machine!!  We are in constant need of sewing machines and sergers.  As programs grow in both Cambodia and in Nepal, being a Sewing Machine Sponsor is an easy way to get involved in a very tangible way!  We are committed to buying our machines in country... this not only puts money into the economy there, but it also makes repairs much easier!  How much do they cost?  $125 will sponsor a sewing machine and $175 will sponsor a serger.   



We have a few more fundraising ideas up our sleeve that will be revealed soon!  You can start making a difference by joining the Facebook group called 3seams and YOU! OR by emailing me at:

If you’re anything like me, you’re always waiting for a better time to get involved - a time when your schedule is free, your job is less time-consuming, your kids are in school, your house is clean...the list goes on!  I get it, I’ve been there!  But seriously, the time is NOW!  Start listening to the call and do what you can, even if it seems small!  YOU can make a difference even in what seems like a small way.  If we all keep waiting, change won’t happen!

Join us in this journey!  We see God working in BIG ways!


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