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3seams Nepal

Nepal is a country surrounded by the majestic Himalayas. While we think of these beautiful mountains stretching high into the heavens, we sometimes can forget about the people living at their base - a beautiful culture of Nepali people struggling to survive. Although the young people of Nepal desperately seek a better future, it is a great challenge as they become prime targets of human trafficking. A huge percentage of Nepali children grow up in a children's home, which is sometimes necessary and sometimes not. Many impoverished families see it as a way for their children to have a chance at a better life, so the children are abandoned to a system that, in the end, will fail them. These children are provided with an education, but unfortunately, they age out of the children’s home system just two years shy of finishing high school and robbed of the ability to attend University. The majority of these youth have no way to continue their education and cycle back into poverty’s grip. 3seams wants to bridge the gap for this population. The difference that those years of education can make in the life of a young adult in Nepal is of enormous proportion.

’3E’ is a program dedicated to reaching the next generation in Nepal. Our goal is to empower, equip, and encourage youth during their young adult years.

EMPOWER – We strive to empower them through weekly programs where young people will receive tutoring, learn basic computer skills, and learn a variety of basic life skills.

EQUIP – We train them with a skill or trade that will not only help them financially to finish school, but that will also set them up with the ability to support themselves and their family once their education is complete.

ENCOURAGE – We come alongside them to inspire them to dream big dreams and encourage them to go after those dreams!

3seams, Incorporated is a 501c3 organization making all of your donations tax-deductible. Creating our work spaces and supplying them with the tools necessary for our artisans to succeed is only accomplished through the generosity of donors such as yourselves. Thank you for your consideration in being part of the 3seams journey!

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